Coffee stain

Usually, when we see a coffee stain we desperately need to clean it. But stain can always be evidence of being there, being present, and a part of our character. “Coffee stain” is a podcast full of real people stories, behind and forth every cup of coffee around the world. Knowledge, and much inspiration about and beyond coffee. Personal and business stories, full of passion, persistence, creativity, goals, and action. So prepare your coffee and join us.

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#14: Season 2 is starting

Tuesday Feb 08, 2022

Tuesday Feb 08, 2022

Love intros, so here is an introduction of what is about to come!
More "coffee stains" from this channel.
Experiences, accomplishments and mistakes, shared with you so you can learn in an easy way!

Monday Apr 12, 2021

" My ambition is to plant a seed in you and see how it flourishes"
These were the words of a friend and cooperator of mine. 
Isn't what we all want?Isn't what we fight for?Isn't it the stain I am talking about? 
I would like to thank you for listening to this small episode and hope that all of us are planting a seed, either theoretically or on real earth, so that those around us can move forward!Mata was the greatest brand strategist I met and a great woman with so much love for what she did. And that was obvious all around.

Monday Mar 22, 2021

A great conversation with Craig Constantine that starts with 3 basic questions.A reminder to all of us to be aware that we have to make our own journey in this life!
I am glad that I met Craig in a workshop. He was one of my "teachers".I really liked his practice in every way.So I invited him over to Coffee Stain for a discussion between 2 parts of the world over coffee that eventually took a philosophical route.With a small coffee break.We both believe that experiences should be offered to all, as we all have to gain, even if it is just a little!Listen till the end...of your coffee cup.
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Sunday Feb 21, 2021

Do we know what sustainability really means?Do we apply it in our lives?What does coffee have to do with this much-spoken meaning of a sustainable way of life?Dionysis Moustis is the capability manager of Lavazza Greece and he shares with us many interesting aspects of sustainability in coffee!Get your coffee ready and join us.You can find us on Instagram Coffee Stain

Monday Feb 01, 2021

Customer service and the 3 coffee waves that co-exist.
George Makropoulos with at least 15 years of experience in the coffee field is sharing his point of view!Get your coffee ready!

Monday Jan 18, 2021

Silvia Graham is a woman that made a real change in the coffee status in Romania.In many ways. Through a magazine, coffee-shop and coffee education.Get your coffee ready

Sunday Jan 10, 2021

No goals, no achievements, just an inspirational story of how much we can learn from everything out there... even a wood sculpture piece of art!I wish you a happy new year and hope we can all become artists of our lives.

#7: Water and coffee

Monday Dec 14, 2020

Monday Dec 14, 2020

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, a champion, a co-owner of The Rabbit Punch and much more...has done great research on water regarding coffee. Today he offers us some of his knowledge in the water field. Get your coffee ready and join us!

Monday Nov 30, 2020

What is the meaning of gastro diplomacy and what is coffee's contribution in that field? What can be changed and how can we be a part of it? We discuss with Niki who has studied law, international relationships and gastro diplomacy but also is the Italian Ibrik/Cezve champion of the year 2020.

Monday Nov 16, 2020

Connection, a word that can be so beautiful and misleading at the same time.
Today we talk with Petro who is a psychiatrist about connection. In many ways and of course, how coffee can be part of it.
You can find here all or almost all about Petro!


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